Oliver Page

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Assistant Research Scientist, Transportation Safety Analysis

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Contact Information:
Major Projects:
  • 1. Consultant in the development of a Masters of Supply Chain Management Program and capacity building in transportation research/teaching in the Department of Transport and Supply Chain Management at the University of Johannesburg (South Africa) (Client: William Davidson Institute/USAID)
  • 2. Managed and investigated the extent of crime and crime prevention on public transport in South Africa (Client: Department of Arts, Culture, Science and Technology, South Africa)
  • 3. Principal Investigator in a study to ascertain the logistical and economic impacts of a proposed peak-period ban on heavy goods vehicles using freeways in Gauteng Province (Client: South African Breweries Limited, South Africa)
  • 4. Performed an economic analysis to determine the level and type of externalities (in monetary units) resulting from the operation of land transportation (Client: Department of Transport, South Africa)
  • 5. Jointly responsible for updating Master Plans and revalidating air traffic forecasts for the Windhoek International Airport and Eros Aerodrome (Client: Ministry of Works, Transport and Communication, Namibia))
  • 6. Performed a methodological (economic) and quantitative comparison of the Namibian Road User Charges Model and the World Bank Road User Charges Model using Namibian data (Client: Ministry of Works, Transport and Communication, Namibia)
  • 7. Analyzed and determined viability of road traffic and transport enforcement programs (Client: African Development Bank)
  • 8. Developed fare determination protocol for public service vehicles (Client: African Development Bank)
  • 9. Validated warrants for the inclusion of pedestrian phases at signalized intersections (Client: Harare City Council)
  • 10. Jointly developed protocols for data needs, data collection and statistical methods used to assess parking demand (Client: Harare City Council)
  • Zimbabwe
  • South Africa
  • Namibia