Linda Groat

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Professor of Architecture and Women's Studies

2225D Art & Arch 2000 Boniteel Ann Arbor, Mi 48109-2069

Office Location(s): 2225D Art & Arch
Phone: 734.936.0218

  • About

    Linda N. Groat is Professor of Architecture and Women’s Studies. In addition to her educational background and professional work in design, she holds a Ph.D. in Environmental Psychology. Her published research has focused on two primary areas: environmental meaning and the experience of place; and gender issues in architectural education.  In the area of gender issues, she is the author of numerous articles on the experience of women faculty and students in architectural education. As a 1996-97 faculty associate at U-M’s Center for Research on Learning and Teaching, her work included research on the relationship between, gender, disciplinary background, and learning styles. During the 2001-02 academic year, she co-taught an interdisciplinary seminar, titled Women Talking Work, for graduate students in the professional schools and colleges.  She is the recipient of U-M’s 1998 Sarah Goddard Power Award for her “leadership, scholarship and sustained service” on behalf of women. She is the author of more than fifty articles and book chapters, and two books, Giving Places Meaning and Architectural Research Methods.

  • Education
    • Ph.D. Enviromental Psychology, University of Surrey, England