David Lam

Professor, Economics
Research Professor, Population Studies Center

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Major Projects:
  • Cape Area Panel Study (CAPS) - PI. CAPS is a longitudinal study of the lives of youths and young adults in Cape Town, providing data on transition in post-apartheid South Africa. The project is a collaboration between U-M’s Population Studies Center, Princeton University and the University of Cape Town (2002-present, NIH). Lam recently participated in a launch of the new public access data from the first three waves in Cape Town. Current work focuses on launching new fieldwork in 2007 that will track survey respondents into the rural Eastern Cape province. This tracking effort is being funded by the NIH Office of AIDS Research and the Michigan Center on the Demography of Aging, in addition to core funding from the NICHD.
  • Research Training in Population and Health in South Africa and China - PI. See Population Studies Center, Institute for Social Research (2006-11, FIC/NIH).
  • Families, Communities and Youth Outcomes in South Africa. This project, a collaboration with the University of Cape Town, analyzes the effects of family background and community characteristics on the outcomes of young South Africans. The project uses a number of existing data sets, including censuses, household surveys, and school surveys. It is also conducting a longitudinal study in Cape Town (see CAPS above) (2001-06, Mellon, NIH).
  • Family Support and Rapid Social Change in South Africa with James Levinsohn. This project brings together U.S. and South African researchers to analyze patterns of family support and intergenerational transfers in South Africa, and also seeks to develop supplemental modules for the Cape Area Panel Study (2003-2008, NIH).
  • Collaborative Social Science Research and Training in South Africa (2004-07, Mellon).
  • Education and Youth Unemployment in South Africa.
  • Labor Force Activity of the Elderly in South Africa.
  • Education and Income Inequality in South Africa.
  • Sexual activity and teen childbearing in South Africa.
  • Computer-Assisted Instruction in Developing Countries: South Africa Distance Learning Project with Jim Levinsohn (2001-05, Mellon). See Levinsohn (Public Policy).
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