By Matthew J. Adams
Feb 13, 2013 Bookmark and Share

The work described below is now completed.

Special thanks to Jessica, Sonya, and Joseph.

Over the next several weeks, the Web Services team will begin to implement several enhancements to the Rich Media Image content type and its functionality in the CMS. 

  1. Remove tool tip/hover functionality - Web best practices are always changing. With mobile technology quickly surpassing the use of some desktop browsers, and a greater understanding of accessibility issues, it has been determined that using a mouse pointer to hover over a graphic and read more information about the object is no longer best practice. For images within the CMS, we will be turning off that functionality and have already provided a BdyCaption format for those wishing to display a caption for Rich Media Images placed inside a region configurator.
  2. Add caption functionality - For images placed in detail image fields of Event, News, and Article content types users are not able to select formats; therefore, our developers will be revamping code so that if a Caption field contains text, it will display as a caption inside the detail page for that content type. Additionally, the caption will display whenever a article, news, or event format is selected that contains "Img" (i.e. ImgBdyL, ImgBdyR).  This functionality will not display captions for thumbnails or formats with thumbnails (Thmbl). Users should take time time to review content (see below).
  3. Audit Caption and Alt Text fields - An initial review of the Rich Media Image content items included in the detail image field revealed relatively few Caption fields that were not filled in according to best practices (i.e. contain "*****.jpg").  Jessica Darga will be getting in touch with those websites who may need to review these instances.

During this time, our team will be creating several communications regarding these changes as well as best practices to help contributors understand the roles played by captions and alt text in making their websites accessible and robust.