Dallo stesso grembo. Le origini del cristianesimo e del giudaismo rabbinicos

Author(s): Gabriele Boccaccini, Piero Stefani

Dallo stesso grembo


The relationship between Jews and Christians is reminiscent of the two sons of Rebekah, Jacob and Esau. Two twin brothers, so similar and so different: one hairy, the other hairless and one so strong, the other too clever, fought since in the womb to lead a life in clash, in fear or in mutual indifference. But then the impossible happened: after years of separation and despite a thousand suspicions and thoughts, their paths met again and then, corsisi meeting, they hugged, kissed and cried (cf. Gen 33.4). The book aims to shed light on the complexity of early Christianity and Judaism coeval and to read and recall difficulties and misunderstandings in view that the two paths will cross again. Preface by Carlo Maria Martini.

Publication Information:

Publisher: Dehoniane

Year of Publication: 2012