The Making of a Subcultural Revolution

Author(s): Xiaobing Tang


To read the two most recent books by Paul Clark, renowned for his earlier contributions
to the study of Chinese cinema, is to marvel both at his vast and enviable knowledge of the
subject matter and at the vast and fast-changing landscape of modern and contemporary Chinese
cultural experiences and expressions. It is to be constantly amazed by the dots that the cultural
historian connects, by the different terrains that he leads us through, and by the expansive vistas
that he brings into focus. Students interested in almost any aspect of modern and contemporary
Chinese culture (from film to fiction to music to dance to bodybuilding) will appreciate the
wealth of materials and references contained in these two volumes. Similarly, scholars of the
Cultural Revolution and the developments since will have much to think about and to address,
because what Clark presents here is a richer and more complex narrative of recent Chinese
cultural history than has heretofore been packaged or popularized. It is a narrative that
underscores the continuing evolution of modern Chinese culture in the twentieth century and

Publication Information:

Periodical Title: Cross-Currents: East Asian History and Culture Review

Year of Publication: 2013

Page Numbers: 125-134

Issue Number: E-Journal No. 7