Michele Hannoosh

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Michele Hannoosh

Professor of French

4208 MLB

Office Location(s): 4208 MLB 1275
Phone: 734.647.2339

  • About

    My interests cover a broad range of topics in nineteenth-century literature, art, and culture. I have written on the theory of parody, on Decadence, the city, and modernity; I have developped a special interest in the relations between the arts over their histories. In the nineteenth-century context, I have worked extensively on art criticism and art theory, notably Baudelaire's essays on caricature and their place in his theory of modernity, and Delacroix's Journals as an effort to develop a writing proper to painting, to a painter's response to the world. I am particularly interested in poetry.

    I have recently published a major new edition, in French and with commentary, of Delacroix's Journals, a project which has led me to consider the relations between autobiography and history: how a personal, private diary can be a particular "écriture de l'histoire." Eugène Delacroix. Journal, 2 vols.(Paris, José Corti, 2009).

    I am currently working on two projects: one on the relations between the writing of art and the writing of history in nineteenth-century France, focusing on the work of Jules Michelet, and another on early photography in the Mediterranean.

    I am the faculty lead on the University's new Mediterranean studies initiative.

    I am the editor of Word & Image.

    Recent and Selected Publications 

    Eugène Delacroix, Journal, nouvelle édition intégrale établie par Michèle Hannoosh, 2 vols., Paris, José Corti, 2009

    "Delacroix and the ends of civilizations," in Delacroix and the Question of Finish, exhibition catalogue, ed. Eik Kahng, Santa Barbara Museum of Art, New Haven, Yale University Press, 2013, pp. 76-93

    "Reading the Trial of the Fleurs du mal," Modern Language Review 106, 2 (April 2011), pp. 374-387

    "Peinture et correspondances dans l'oeuvre de Baudelaire," Cahiers de l'Association internationale des études françaises 62 (May 2010), pp.207-221

    "Delacroix, ‘J.’ and Still Life with Lobsters," The Burlington Magazine, September 2009

    “Imagination esthétique et conscience historique : Jules Michelet et les arts plastiques,” in Romantismes. L’esthétique en acte, ed. Jean-Louis Cabanès (Nanterre: Presses universitaires de Paris Ouest, 2009), pp. 347-357

    “Between Ingres, Delacroix and the Pre-Raphaelites: A (No Longer) Anonymous Painter in Italy,” The Burlington Magazine, CL, 1262 (May 2008), pp. 301-311

    “Théophile Silvestre’s Histoire des artistes vivants: Art Criticism and Photography,”  The Art Bulletin LXXXVIII, 4 (December 2006), pp. 729-755

    Baudelaire and Caricature. From the Comic to an Art of Modernity. Philadelphia: The Pennsylvania State University Press, 1992

    Painting and the Journal of Eugene Delacroix. Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1995

    "The Allegorical Artist and the Crises of History: Benjamin, Grandville, Baudelaire." Word and Image X, vol.1 (1994): 38-54

    Recent graduate courses taught: 

    Literature and Photography
    Fictions of Fashion in Nineteenth-Century France: Art, Literature, Theory (team-taught course with Prof. Susan Siegfried of the History of Art department)
    Restoration France 1815-1830: Romanticism and the Arts
    Representing Revolution in Nineteenth-Century France
    Walter Benjamin
    Figuring the Artist in Nineteenth-Century France (team-taught course with Prof. Susan Siegfried of the History of Art Department)
    Poetry and Painting in Nineteenth-Century France
    Forms of Autobiography 

    Recent undergraduate courses taught: 

    Poésie du XIXe siècle
    L’Espagne romantique
    Literature on Trial (Romance Languages & Literatures course)
    Révolution, Restauration, Romantisme
    Paris, capitale du XIXe siècle
    Réalisme et idéalisme dans le roman français du XIXe siècle

  • Education
    • PhD Stanford University
  • Research Areas of Interest
    • Nineteenth-century French literature, art, and society
    • art criticism, relations between the arts
    • the city, Walter Benjamin, the history of modernity
    • the representation of history
    • parody
    • comparative literature
    • the Mediterranean