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Office Location(s): 4858 East Hall
Phone: 734.763.5724
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    My research interests are in applied mathematics and scientific computation. An important facet of my research program is the development of new algorithms that allow the efficient simulation of important physical systems on large length and time scales. We use level set formulations, multigrid methods, and kinetic Monte Carlo to study, for example, coarsening of grain networks, elastically strained epitaxial growth, and the semi-classical computation of the Schroedinger equation.

    I am also interested in developing and analyzing mathematical models. For the most part these models are formulated as partial differential equations. I am interested in the derivation of these equations, their asymptotic behavior, and finding solutions using numerical methods. A wide variety of mathematical tools are useful in solving these problems. We use tools from dynamical systems, harmonic analysis, real analysis, functional analysis, classical mechanics, statistical mechanics, kinetic theory, asymptotic analysis and numerical analysis.

  • Research Areas of Interest
    • Applied Mathematics