Cristina Moreiras-Menor

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Cristina Moreiras-Menor

Department Chair
Professor of Spanish and Women's Studies

4210 Modern Language Building

Office Location(s): 4210 MLB 1275
Phone: 734.647.2475
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    • Romance Languages & Literatures
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    My teaching and research interests are focused on the literature, film, visual arts, and politics of the Iberian Peninsula. My work is broadly concerned with Modern and Contemporary Spain, Psychoanalysis, Political Theory, Feminism, and Women’s Studies.  I am the author of Cultura herida: literatura y cine en la España democrática (Ediciones Libertarias, 2002) and La estela del tiempo: Imagen e historicidad en el cine español contemporáneo (Iberoamericna/Vervuert, 2011). I have also published extensively on authors and filmmakers such as Teresa de Jesús, Rosalía de Castro, Leopoldo 'Alas' Clarín, Miguel de Unamuno, Juan Goytisolo, Xosé Luis Méndez Ferrín, Ana Rossetti, Manuel Vazquez Montalbán, Luis Buñuel, Álex de la Iglesia, Mario Camus (among many others), as well on topics such as violence and memory, violence and the state, critical regionalism, the Spanish Civil War, the Francoist Dictatorship, and the Transition to Democracy. I have edited a monographic issue for Journal of Spanish Cultural Studies titled "Critical Interventions on Violence". Currently I am working on several projects, two of which will be books in the future:

    Galicia y sus fronteras:  Escritores, márgenes y el canon nacional  (siglos xix y xx).

    Spanish Documentary and the Politics of Critical Regionalism

    Recent and Selected Publications 

    Cultura herida: literatura y cine en la España democrática. Editorial Libertarias/Prodhufi (2002). Introduction (pdf)

    La estela del tiempo: Imagen e historicidad en el cine español contemporáneo (Iberoamericna/Vervuert, 2011.

    Critical Interventions on Violence." Journal of Spanish Cultural Studies March 2002. Guest Editor.

    Feminismo y lo común: Nuevas formas de lo político.” Letras femeninas, August 2015

    “Buñuel and Historical Reason”. Stone, Rob and Julian D. Gutiérrez-Albilla, (eds.) Companion to Luis Buñuel.  London: Blackwell, Winter 2013.

    “Sujeto político y militancia”. Colorado Review, Summer 2012. 

    Recent graduate courses taught: 

    Sujeto político y militancia.
    Spanish Film and the Question of Temporality
    Razón de Estado:  Fascismo y cultura bajo el Franquismo
    Culture, Psychoanalysis, History:  Spain 1898-1992
    The Question of War: Culture and Violence in Modern Spain
    Peninsular Nationalism

    Recent undergraduate courses taught: 

  • Education
    • Ph.D. University of California-Davis, 1994
  • Awards
    • John D’Arms Distinguished Graduate Mentoring Award in the Humanities
    • College of Literature, Science and the Arts/Office of the Vice President for Research Michigan Humanities Award, 2006.
  • Research Areas of Interest
    • Modern and Contemporary Spanish Literature and Film (19th-21st Iberian Studies), Psychoanalysis, Cultural and Political Theory, and Women's Studies
  • Selected Publications:
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