Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Minor (Winter 2016-Current)

The minor trains biologists interested in the origins and complex interactions of the earth's biodiversity and ecosystems with both the fundamental knowledge in these areas and the basic skills of scientific  inquiry. The minor covers the material of the major to a lesser depth for students who wish to supplement a major in another area with additional biological expertise.

Effective Winter 2016

Exclusions: Students who elect a minor in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology may not elect the following majors: Biology, General Biology, Plant Biology, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Microbiology, or Biochemistry. They may also not elect a minor in Biology, Program in the Environment, Plant Biology, or Global Change.

The minor in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology is not recommended for students interested in graduate work in the biological sciences.

Prerequisites to the Minor

 BIOLOGY 171, 172/174 and 173; or BIOLOGY 195 and 173.

Requirements for the Minor

15 credits at the 200-level and above (Students who took BIOLOGY 162 or 163, or students with AP credit for BIOLOGY 162 must take 18 credits), distributed as follows:

  1. Core courses: Two courses chosen from the following three areas:
    1. Ecology: BIOLOGY 281 or EEB 381
    2. Genetics: BIOLOGY 305
    3. Evolution: EEB (BIOLOGY) 390;  or EEB 392* (UMBS) (effective Winter 2016, retroactive to Fall 2008)
  2. Elective courses in EEB to bring minor credits to at least 15 (18 for students who took BIOLOGY 162 or 163, or students with AP credit for BIOLOGY 162).
    • At least one course must have a biodiversity focus (see list of approved courses, above)
    • At least one course must include a lab. EEB 300 or 400, elected for three credits, may be used to satisfy this requirement. A maximum of three credits in undergraduate research credits can be applied to the minor in EEB. Three credits of independent research must be completed in one term to satisfy a laboratory requirement.
    • Attendance at a residential field station is encouraged
    • Excluded: EEB 800, MCDB 800, BIOLOGY 241

Multiple requirements may be satisfied by one course.


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