The Posen Library of Jewish Culture & Civilization

Author(s): Deborah Dash Moore

Jewish Civ and Culture


A treasury of Jewish creative works from around the world, this volume of the Posen Library of Jewish Culture and Civilization introduces readers to the great diversity of Jewish civilization, covering the momentous period from 1973 to 2005. The full sweep of Jewish culture—high and low, famous and obscure, religious and secular—is gathered here, with hundreds of examples from literature, visual arts, and popular culture, as well as intellectual and spiritual works.

Readers will discover how contemporary Jewish culture was affected by the feminist movement, Israeli politics after the Yom Kippur War, Russian Jewish emigration, the rise of identity politics in the United States, South American revolutions and dictatorships, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and much more. This groundbreaking anthology offers a vivid encounter with the myriad expressions of Jewish creativity, reflecting the exuberance, diversity, and vitality of modern Jewish life.

Publication Information:

Publisher: Yale University Press

Month of Publication: November

Year of Publication: 2012

Volume Number: 10

Additional Information:

Institute Theme Year: 2007-2008