Google Tip of the Week [sending large files]

By dcox
Aug 31, 2012 Bookmark and Share

FileSender is a service of Internet2 that allows authorized users to store and send files to any Internet user who has access to e-mail and an appropriately configured web browser.  It is primarily of interest to users who need to send files larger than those allowed by e-mail systems (typically limited to 10MB to 20MB depending on the e-mail system).  FileSender is currently configured to allow files to be sent up to 1TB in size, although due to typical end-user network connection speeds and network performance conditions, it will be most useful for files in the 10MB to 50GB range.  Unlike regular e-mail attachments, where the contents are included in the e-mail, FileSender places the file contents on the FileSender server and an e-mail is sent to the specified recipients informing them how they can retrieve the file that has been temporarily stored on the FileSender service.  A file placed on this service is automatically deleted after at most two weeks (whether or not it has been retrieved by the intended recipient(s)), and once deleted, is not available for retrieval by either the user who placed the file on the server or the intended recipient(s).


FileSender is available here: