Elisha P. Renne

Elisha Renne

Associate Professor, Department of Afroamerican and African Studies
Associate Professor, Anthropology

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Contact Information:
Major Projects:
  • Polio Initiative in Northern Nigeria. Study of the international polio eradication initiative in Northern Nigeria, focusing on the historical, cultural, political context of this campaign (current).
  • New Technologies of Machine-Embroidered Robe Production and Changing Gender Roles in Zaria, Nigeria with Dr. Salihu Maiwada, Ahmadu Bello University (2005, Fulbright Senior Fellowship).
  • GIEU: Undergraduate Research on Household Environmental Pollution in Ghana with Frieda Ekotto. This project researches the problem of indoor air population and maternal/child health in Accra, Ghana, with fieldwork conducted in two urban neighborhoods (2004).
  • At Michigan, she has conducted graduate seminars on contemporary African societies, demographic anthropology, and African textiles and social history
  • and undergraduate courses on introductory anthropology, Africa and the African diaspora, childbirth and culture, and African women.
  • Areas of research interest include: African ethnology
  • medical anthropology
  • fertility and reproductive health
  • gender relations
  • the anthropology of development
  • religion and social change
  • and the anthropology of cloth.
  • Nigeria
  • Ghana
  • Department of Afroamerican and African Studies (DAAS)
  • Anthropology