"Rauschenberg's Rebuses: Entertainments Celebrating Unfixity"
Graham Smith Colloquium


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  • Host Department: History of Art
  • Date: 09/28/2011
  • Time: 4:00PM - 6:00PM

  • Location: 180 Tappan Hall, 855 S. University, Ann Arbor

  • Light and Dances in the Mind
  • Description: Graham Smith is Professor Emeritus in Art History at the University of St Andrews and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh. His most recent publications include ‘Light that Dances in the Mind’: Photographs and Memory in the Writings of E. M. Forster and his Contemporaries (Peter Lang 2007), Talbot’s Epigraph to The Pencil of Nature, History of Photography 34:1 (2010), and "Time and Memory in William Henry Fox Talbot’s Calotypes of Oxford and David Octavius Hill and Robert Adamson’s of St Andrews’," in Time and Photography , ed. Jan Baetens, Alexander Streitberger and Hilde Van Gelder (Cornell University Press / Leuven University Press 2010).