Yanzhuang Wang

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Associate Professor
Associate Chair, Research & Facilities

830 N. University

Office Location(s): 2127A Nat. Sci.
Lab Address: 2127, 2122 Nat. Sci. 734.763.0403
Phone: 734.936.2134
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  • Fields of Study
    • Protein trafficking and organelle biogenesis
  • About

    Research in my lab focuses on the molecular organization of the Golgi apparatus and the biogenesis of this organelle during the cell cycle. In particular, we are interested in studying the proteins that help "glue" the cisternae together and the role played by ubiquitin in the rebuilding process. Using an in vitro system, we have been able to show a direct role for these proteins in linking Golgi cisternae. We could also show that ubiquitination of Golgi membrane proteins during mitosis is essential for subsequent membrane fusion and reassembly. Our aim is to understand the mechanism that fragments the Golgi early in mitosis and rebuilds it in each daughter cell towards the end of cell division. This will not only help us to understand the mechanisms that generate and maintain the unique architecture of this organelle, but will also shed light on a fundamental cell biological process that enables cells to propagate cellular organelles through future generations.

  • Areas of Focus
    • Biochemistry
    • Cell Biology