Gender, Democracy, and the Public Sphere in Israel - Wieseneck Family Israel Symposium Keynote Speaker


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  • Speaker: Naomi Chazan, Hebrew University, Former member of Knesset
  • Host Department: Judaic Studies, Frankel Center for
  • Date: 09/30/2013
  • Time: 07:00 PM

  • Location: Rackham Ampitheatre, 915 E. Washington St., Ann Arbor

  • Description:

    The status of women has become one of the most significant indicators of the robustness of democratic societies.  Israel faces a paradox in this regard: on the one hand, women are far more visible today in the public arena than at any time since the creation of the state; on the other hand, the place of women in the public sphere is constantly being contested.  What can account for the simultaneous integration of women into public life and their increasing exclusion?  This analysis will explore the dual patterns of gender progress and inequality in Israel in recent years, suggest some explanations and examine the implications of these patterns for Israel’s democratic order.

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