Our Ancient Wars


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  • Host Department: Comparative Literature
  • Date: 03/22/2012 - 03/24/2012
  • Time: 04:00PM - 10:00PM

  • Location: Venues vary. Please see schedule.

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  • Description:
    Thursday March, 22

    4:00–5:30pm Public Lecture: Kurt Raaflaub, “Ancient War as Spectacle”
    3222 Angell Hall
    Kurt Raaflaub

    Friday March, 23

    2:00pm Dean Terry McDonald, Welcome
    2:15–3:00pm Hans van Wees, University College London, “Genocide in ancient Greece”
    3:00–3:45pm Kurt Raaflaub, Brown University, “Lysistrata and the War’s Impact on the Homefront”
    3:45–4:00pm Coffee
    4:00–4:45pm Arlene Saxonhouse, University of Michigan, “Deciding to Go to War: Who’s Responsible?”
    4:45–6:00pm David Potter, University of Michigan, “The Inefficiency of Hoplite Warfare”
    7:00-9:00pm A Dramatic Reading of Scenes from Sophocles'
    Ajax and Philoctetes Kahn Auditorium, corner of Huron St. and Glen Ave.

    Saturday March, 24

    9:00–9:45am Sara Monoson, Northwestern University, “Socrates in Combat”
    9:45–10:30am Paul Woodruff, University of Texas at Austin,“War as Education”
    10:30–10:45am Coffee
    10:45–11:30am Nancy Sherman, Georgetown, “Recovering Lost Goodness after War: Self-Empathy and Self-Forgiveness”
    11:30–12:15am Peter Meineck, New York University, “Post Traumatic Plays: Warfare and Theatre in Ancient Athens”
    2:00–2:45pm James Tatum, Dartmouth College, “Mrs Vergil’s Horrid War”
    2:45–3:30pm Seth Schein, UC Davis, “Ancient Greek War: What is it Good For Today?”
    3:30–3:45pm Coffee
    3:45–4:30pm Susanne Goedde, University of München, “The Modern Achilles: Rage — Mourning — Sexuality”
    4:30–5:15pm Page duBois, UC San Diego, “War and Slavery: ‘I Am Spartacus’ ”
    7:00-9:00pm A Dramatic Reading of Scenes from Sophocles'
    Ajax and Philoctetes Michigan Theater, 603 E. Liberty St.
    For more information, visit Our Ancient Wars or contact Victor Caston or Silke-Maria Weineck
    We gratefully acknowledge the generous support of the Contexts for Classics; the Department of Comparative Literature's Year of Anachronism; the Departments of American Culture, Classical Studies, English, German Studies, History, Philosophy, Political Science, and Psychology; the Independent Program in Greek and Roman History; the War Studies Group; the Law School’s Center for International & Comparative Law; the Student Veterans Assistance Program; the Institute for the Humanities; the International Institute; the Residential College; the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts; the Rackham School of Graduate Studies; the Office of the Vice Provost for Research; Northwestern University Classical Traditions Initiative.