Field Methods in Great Lakes Oceanography - EEB 401/NRE 501

Instructors: Gary Fahnenstiel, Thomas Nalepa and David Schwab

Prereq: Two college-level courses in biology, or Biology 171 and one other natural science course, or permission of instructor.

This will be a field intensive course with significant time spent on research vessels (e.g, R/V Laurentian) where students will use a variety of traditional and state-of-the-art techniques to characterize biological communities and measure important physical and biological processes. This class will emphasize critical examination of field results within an ecosystem framework through lectures, group discussions, and extensive hands-on field experience. Field measurements will be made along contrasting nearshore/offshore gradients in the Great Lakes. Because of the time spent on research vessels in unpredictable weather, students must be prepared for working in adverse field conditions.

Note: this two-week class meets daily from June 5-18, 2016.  It is worth 2 credits.  

2016 Tuition* and Fees


   Undergraduate  Graduate
 Michigan Resident  $1,251 (L)
 $1,395 (U)
 Non-Resident  $3,719 (L)
 $3,973 (U)
 Registration Fee  $82.10  $82.10
 Room and Board  $406  $406
 Facility Fee (Deposit)  $100  $100

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