Human Beliefs and Values: A Cross-Cultural Sourcebook based on the 1999-2002 Values Surveys

Author(s): Ronald Inglehart, Miguel Basanez, Jaime Diez-Medrano, Loek Halman, Ruud Luijkx


Human Beliefs and Values is a valuable tool for understanding how social, political, economic, and cultural attitudes differ from one society to another, and how they are changing, with economic and technological development. It gives detailed information about people's political, religious, economic, and social values, analyzed by age, education, income and gender, and showing changes over time.  The World Values Survey and European Values Study surveys 85 percent of the world's population, presenting a full range of variation, from societies with per capita income below $300.00, to those with more than $35,000.00 per year; from long-established democracies to authoritarian states; from societies with established market economies to ex-communist societies; from societies representing every major religious and cultural tradition.  This book demonstrates that human goals and motivations vary immensely, from one society to another, and that they are changing in coherent ways (Siglo XXI). 

Publication Information:

Publisher: Siglo XXI

Year of Publication: 2004