Effective Fall 2012

Chemical Physics  Minor

The Chemical Physics academic minor provides a concentrated exposure to physical chemical principles.

Exclusions: The Chemical Physics Academic Minor is not open to students concentrating in Biochemistry, Biomolecular Science, Biophysics, Interdisciplinary Chemical Sciences or Chemistry.

Prerequisite to the Academic Minor

MATH 215, or equivalent; PHYSICS 235, 240, or equivalent.

Academic Minor Program

At least 18 credits of courses as follows: CHEM 130,* CHEM 210/211, CHEM 260 or CHEM 370, CHEM 461, CHEM 462, CHEM 463 or 453.

*Students who do not place into CHEM 210 are strongly recommended to take CHEM 130. Neither CHEM 130, nor AP credits earned for CHEM 130, count toward the academic minor.


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