Kimberly Chuang

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Kimberly Chuang

Graduate Student

  • Fields of Study
    • Metaethics, Normative/Applied Ethics (especially Bioethics), and Moral Psychology
  • About

    Kimberly started university at the California State University, Los Angeles studying biochemistry and philosophy, and finished up at Tufts in 2011 with a B.A. in biology and philosophy.  Between the two, she spent a year as a visiting student at Oxford.  Her main philosophical interests are in metaethics, normative/applied ethics (especially bioethics), and moral psychology, with accessory interests in philosophy of science, legal philosophy, and political philosophy.  She also really likes Analytical Marxism.


    In addition to philosophy, Kimberly spends as much time as she can in the darkroom, and listens to music made with moog.