Fear of Diversity: The Birth of Political Science in Ancient Greek Thought

Author(s): Arlene Saxonhouse

Fear of Diversity


This wide-ranging book locates the origin of political science in the everyday world of ancient Greek life, thought, and culture. Arlene Saxonhouse contends that the Greeks, confronted by the puzzling diversity of the physical world, sought a force that would unify, constrain, and explain it. This drive toward unity did more than value the mind over the senses: it led the Greeks to play down the very real complexities—particularly regarding women, the family, and sexuality—in both their political and personal lives.

Saxonhouse opens up fresh understandings of such issues as the Greeks' fear of the feminine and their attempts to ignore the demands that gender, reproduction, and the family inevitably make on the individual (University of Chicago Press). 

Publication Information:

Publisher: University of Chicago Press

Year of Publication: 1992