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  • Speaker: Sahar Zangeneh
  • Host Department: Statistics
  • Date: 09/18/2012
  • Time: 2:00 PM

  • Location: 411 West Hall

  • Description:

    Title: Model-based methods for robust finite population inference in the presence of external information
    Co-Chairs: Professor Roderick J. A. Little, Professor Robert Keener
    Cognate Member: Professor Michael R. Elliott
    Member: Associate Professor Ben Hansen

    Abstract: This dissertation develops new model-based approaches for analysis of sample survey data. The main focus of the thesis is to incorporate information available from external sources to improve estimation and inference for finite population quantities. If such information is utilized properly, it can improve point estimates and inferences. The dissertation addresses two general scenarios: survey data from unequal probability designs and surveys with nonresponse.

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