Available Storage for Faculty

Feb 21, 2013 Bookmark and Share

Up to two terabytes of secure, replicated storage will be made available to each faculty member without cost to the faculty member or department.  For those faculty members currently leveraging local storage solutions, we are offering a trade-in program by which up to ten terabytes of storage will be provided in exchange for any University-owned local storage purchased prior to 2/1/2013.  

The faculty member or department can purchase additional storage.  To enable us best serve all faculty, we will gradually make this service available over the next two months on a unit-by-unit basis.  We will send further detail to each unit as the service becomes available. In the meantime, if you have immediate storage needs this solution can address, please contact us at nuit-group

The roll out will take place starting on Monday March 11th, 2013 for both Biophysics and Chemistry.