Zoë Johnson-King

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zoe king

Outreach Coordinator & Admissoins Committee, 2014-15

  • Fields of Study
    • Ethics, Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Education
  • About

    I'm from Nottingham and did my previous undergraduate and graduate work at
    Cambridge, from which I hold the B.A. and M.Phil in Philosophy. There I became primarily interested in the normative implications of choice and preference, though I forayed across general ethics, meta-ethics and pol phil, enjoyed a bit of epistemology now and then, dabbled in aesthetics and made a surprise return to logic when I was asked to teach it to the first-year undergrads. I am also a qualified teacher, and worked at a school in a particularly gritty part of South-East London from September 2011 to July 2013. Now I plan to marry my two loves by doing Philosophy of Education, and by asking questions like "Should we want everyone to want to go to University?" and "Three very bright but disaffected students, one dyslexic, two children in care with behavioural problems and a new arrival from Sri Lanka who speaks no English walk into a classroom. How should the teacher/school distribute their limited resources of time, money and effort?"

    Whilst doing philosophy I performed in a lot of musicals and a few other plays, learnt to DJ, did a bit of hair modelling and got into yoga. Unlike many philosophers I am not remotely outdoorsy and certainly do not like hiking up mountains et cetera, although I once hiked up a volcano.