"Imperial Violence:Gender, Ethnicity and the State in the Last YEars of the Ottoman Empire."


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  • Speaker: Ronald Suny, U-M; Yigit Akin, College of Charleston; Ayhan Aktar, Istanbul Bilgi University
  • Host Department: aaptis
  • Date: 03/25/2013
  • Time: 4:00 PM - 6:00PM

  • Location: 136 International Institute 1080 South University Ann Arbor, MI

  • Description:

    The level of violence during the First World War was but the first salvo in what would prove to be the most brutal century of mass killing, ethnic cleansing, and genocide in human history.  In its bid to preserve its empire and regain a place in the constellation of Great Powers, the Ottoman Empire engaged in extensive violence directed against its Christian subjects, culminating in the genocide of the Armenians. Yet Muslims also suffered as war and hunger devested the civilian population as well as soldiers at the front.

        Historian Ygit Akin and historical sociologist Ayhan Atar bring their latest research into episodes of violence in the fateful last years of the empire.  Historical sociologist Fatma Muge Gocek and graduate student in anthropology and history Haydar Darici, both of whom have been working on the reverberations and legacies of violence, will provide commentaries.  Ron Suny, who is working on a history of the Armenian Genocide, will chair.

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