ALERT: Inconsistent Firefox CMS Performance

By Matthew J. Adams
Jul 26, 2013 Bookmark and Share

Over the last few days, Web Services has been receiving several reports of Firefox anomalies:

  • When trying to save edits to content, after clicking the OK button, the window remains open and nothing occurs (i.e. no status bar, no window closing, no errors)
  • Attempts to publish content do not work, even after following all the steps.

Again, these things do not happen every time, but if you experience this kind of weirdness, please submit a ticket as we are trying to track and relay any patterns. It would be helpful to know which browser version and java version you are using.

Additionally, you may want to consider copying your changes out of the Ephox toolbar and trying again or trying again using a different browser (IE or Safari).

We suspect that this new development is a result of updates to various FireFox versions and/or Java and/or some combination of both.