Teresa Satterfield

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Teresa Satterfield

Associate Professor of Spanish

Office Location(s): 4138 MLB 1275
Phone: 734.647.2332

  • Affiliation(s)
    • Romance Languages & Literatures
  • About

    I am a linguist whose areas of research include child bilingualism, first language acquisition (the roles of [psycholinguistic and sociolinguistic] factors in the morphosyntax of developing grammars), language contact phenomena in the context of U.S. (Afro-)Latino identity and culture. Working closely with the U-M Center of the Study of Complex Systems, I have implemented several agent-based models to construct language contexts, with an eye toward providing greater socio- and psycholinguistic explanations for situations where different language varieties emerge. 

    I am currently collaborating with Dr. Ioulia Kovelman (Dept. of Psychology, Center for Human Growth and Development) on the use of fNIRS brain imaging techniques to inform theories of syntactic development and literacy research in bilingual children.

    Most recently I have been involved in organizing a community-basedSaturday-morning Spanish literacy program for Spanish-speaking children grades Pre-K to 4 in the Ann Arbor Schools. The program is called: "En Nuestra Lengua" (ENL) www.umich.edu/~tsatter/ENLwww.facebook.com/EnNuestraLengua.

    Specializations: bilingualism, syntactic theory, language variation and contact, computational models of language

    Other areas of interest: language as a Complex Adaptive System

    Recent and Selected Publications

    Arredondo, M., Xiao-Su, H., Satterfield, T. & I. Kovelman. (submitted). Bilingualism Makes a Stronger Positive Impact on Child Brain Development Than Previously Assumed. Nature Neuroscience.

    Tjunelis, V., T. Satterfield  & J. Benkí. 2013. Linking service-learning opportunities and domestic immersion experiences in US Latino communities: A case study of the En Nuestra Lengua Project. Hispania 96(2): 264-282.

    Benkí, J. & T. Satterfield (submitted). Evaluation and placement of K-3 Spanish- speaking students in Saturday-school Heritage Language programs. Journal of Heritage Language.

    “Review of Honda and O’Neil 2008: Thinking Linguistically.” Modern Language Journal, 94.3. 2010.

    Rosen, J. & Satterfield, T. 2013. “Conditions and Consequences of Language Choice: A linguistic inquiry using ABMs.” In Turnitsa, C., Youngman, P., Carmichael, T. & Hadzikadic, M. (eds.), Society for Modeling and Simulation International, Emerging M&S Applications in Industry and Academia Symposium-Modeling and Humanities Symposium 2013. Simulation Series Vol. 45: 5, 107-117. 

    Satterfield, T.  2012. “Review of Ellis et al. 2009: Implicit and Explicit Knowledge in Second Language Learning, Testing and Teaching.” Modern Language Journal, 95(4): 669-670.


    Recent undergraduate courses taught: 

    Span 355: Spanish in the U.S.
    Span 373: Bilingualism in the Spanish-speaking world
    Span 411: Spanish Morphosyntax
    Span 487: Seminar in Romance-language-based Pidgins and Creoles 
    Span 487: Seminar in AfroHispanic languages

  • Education
    • B.A., Iowa State University, 1985
    • B.S., Iowa State University,1985
    • M.A., University of Illinois-Chicago, 1990
    • Ph.D., University of Iowa, 1995
  • Research Areas of Interest
    • Romance linguistics, (first) language acquisition, bilingualism, syntactic theory, language variation and contact, computational models of language