Doron Lamm

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Doron Lamm

Lecturer-Modern Hebrew Language
Coordinator of the Modern Hebrew Language Program

202 South Thayer Street, Suite 4018, Ann Arbor, MI 48104-1608

Office Location(s): 4018 STB
Phone: 734.647.4165
Fax: 734.936.2679

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    1984 - present   Birkbeck College, University of London, U.K. Doctoral Program in Modern British History. M.Phil -1985. Presently continuing research student.

    Doctoral thesis:  Militarization and Social Reform: Britain, 1870-1919 (Advisor: Professor R.C. Floud.)  Fields:  Modern British History: Economic, Social and Military. European Imperialism. History and Computing. Quantitative and Anthropometric History. War, Citizenship and Public Health. Economics of Military Personnel.

    1979 - 1983   Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel. B.A. History and Economics. Magna
    Cum Laude.

    Appointments in Hebrew Language and Judaic Studies
    1998 - present  Lecturer IV, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.
    Department of Near Eastern Studies, HJCS, Hebrew Language.

    1997  Lecturer II, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.
    Department of Near Eastern Studies, HJCS, Hebrew language.

    1994 - 1997  Hebrew Instructor, New York University.
    The Skirball Department for Hebrew and Judaic Studies.

    1988 - 1989  Hebrew Instructor, Spiro Institute for Jewish History and Culture,
    Westfield College, London.

    1985 - 1989  UK representative and coordinator, Brit Ivrit Olamit (World Hebrew Union) London.

    1983  Hebrew Instructor, Jewish Theological Seminary of America, N’ve Shechter, Jerusalem.

    1981 - 1983  Hebrew Instructor, American Institute of the Holy Land Studies, Jerusalem.

    1979 - 1980  Hebrew Instructor, American Ulpan, Jerusalem.

    1979  Hebrew Teacher, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Summer Ulpan.

    1977 - 1978  Education Officer and Instructor, The IDF School of Education, Israel.

    Academic Appointments and Fellowships in History

    2003  Visiting Scholar, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Department of History.

    1992  Teaching Fellow, Tel Aviv University, The Arrane School of History.

    1992  Wiener Research Fellow, Tel Aviv University, Program for Comparative European History: The International Seminar on Women Before and After the First World War.

    1991, 1993  Visiting Research Associate, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Department of History.

    1990  Lecturer and Research Fellow, York University, UK, Department of Economics & Related Studies: British Economic History 1880-1945.

    1984  Research assistant, Centre for Economic Policy Research, London, UK.
    Professor Barry Eichengreen (Harvard), Unemployment in Interwar Britain.

    1983  Teaching assistant, Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Department of Economics.

    1982  Research assistant, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Department of Economics:
    Banking in Ottoman Palestine.

    1982  Research Assistant, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Department of Jewish History. Atlas Karta for Modern Jewish History.

    Recent Activity in Language Teaching and Technology
    2003  Project “Hebrew Culture on the Web: Introducing Hebrew Cultural Hyper-Texts into the 1st and 2nd Year Curriculum” funded by CRLT, Teaching with Technology Institute Grant.

    2003  Near Eastern Studies representative for the IT Pedagogy Study of the LS&A IT Committee.

    2001  Current Issues in Technology and Education, A four lecture series. March 3-29.
    SAJE - Seminars for Adult Jewish Education, JCC, West Bloomfield, MI.

    2000  Teaching and Technology Minigrant for LS&A projects in Foreign Languages Instruction, LRC, U of M. Created:


    2003  Teaching with Technology Institute Grant, CRLT, University of Michigan.

    2000  Teaching and Technology Minigrant for LS&A projects in Foreign Languages Instruction, LRC, University of Michigan.

    1991-93  Visiting Research Associate, Department of History, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

    1991-92  Wiener Fellow, Program for Comparative European History, Institute for German
    History, Tel Aviv University.

    1989-90  Research Fellowship in Economic History, Department of Economics & Related
    Studies, York University. York, U.K.

    1985-87  Leo Beack Grant for graduate studies in the U K.

    1984-87  Overseas Research Student Award granted by the British Government.

    1983  Scholarship, Dean of Students, Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

    1982  Scholarship, Centre Internatonale, Antibes, France, for a 'Cours de langue et de civilization Francaises'.

    1981  Dean of Humanities list of academic distinction, Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

    1980  Dean of Students grant for academic distinction, Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

    "Emily Goes to War: Explaining the Recruitment to the Women's Army Auxilliary Corps in War World I", in Borderlines: Genders and Identities in Peace and War, 1880-1930, ed. B. Melman, London, Rutledge, 1998.

    Book Review. John Komlos, Nutrition and Economic Development in the Eighteenth Century Habsburg Monarchy: an Anthropometric History, The Economic Journal, 1992.

    "British Soldiers of the First World War: Creation of a Representative Sample," Historical Social Research, Vol. 13,4 1988 pp. 55-98.

    "The Use of the Portable EPSON PX-8 for Historical Data Collection: The Case of a First World War Soldiers' Documents Archive," Computing & History Today, II 1987.

    "Chaim Romkovsky and the Jews of Lodz," A film review for the National Film Theater, London, and the Spiro Institute for Jewish History and Culture, 1985.

    NAPH – National Association of Professors of Hebrew Economic History Society
    IALLT – International Association for Language Learning Technology