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Associate Chair, Atmospheric, Oceanic and Space Sciences
Professor, Atmospheric, Oceanic and Space Sciences

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  • Dr. Moldwin’s primary research interests are magnetospheric, ionospheric and heliospheric plasma physics, and pre-college space science education and outreach. He has published over 120 refereed scientific articles on these subjects. Dr. Moldwin was a NASA/ASEE Kennedy Space Center Faculty Fellow, a Los Alamos National Laboratory Associated Western Universities Faculty Fellow, and a NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Visiting Scientist. Prof. Moldwin is a National Science Foundation CAREER Award winner and a Research Corporation Cottrell Scholar. Prof. Moldwin is or has been the principal or co-investigator of over 50 externally peer-reviewed scientific projects including building the magnetometers to fly on NASA’s Space Technology – 5 satellites, the upcoming Air Force DSX mission satellite, and ground-based magnetometer deployment in North America, South America, Africa and Antarctica.
  • I conduct space physics research attempting to understand the flow of energy, mass and momentum from the Sun through the Earth's space environment. Specifically I am interested in magnetic structures and ULF waves in the heliosphere and magnetosphere, the distribution of plasma in the inner magnetosphere, and the coupling of energy between the ionosphere and magnetosphere. I use magnetometers that fly on spacecraft and deployed around the world, remote sensing data (EUV and radio waves), and modeling.
  • Prof. Moldwin has taught over a dozen different physics and space science courses, was awarded Florida Tech’s Teaching Excellence Award, UCLA’s Academic Senate’s Distinguished Teaching Award and was rated as a Top Ten Professor by the Associated Student’s of UCLA. He currently serves as a NASA THEMIS Mission EPO Scientist and as the Chair of the NASA MMS EPO External Review Team.
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