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Adam Johnson

Doctoral Student in History

1029 Tisch Hall, Ann Arbor MI, 48109-1003

  • Affiliation(s)
    • Science, Technology and Society (STS) Certificate Program
    • Science and Technology Studies Interdisciplinary Workshop
  • Fields of Study
    • Modern Human Science and Social/Development Theory
    • United States and the World in the Long 19th Century
    • Cultural & Intellectual History Science and Technology Studies
    • Global/World/Big History
  • About

    I am interested in the development of American anthropology in the 19th century and its theories of social development, stages of civilization, and racial formation.  In addition to the intellectual history of these concepts, my research addresses the material and social contexts in which these theories were developed—the disparate environments in which anthropological fieldwork was conducted, the centers of industrialization where anthropologists typically hung their hats, and the economic, imperial, legal, and social networks that linked "tribes" to "civilization."

    More broadly, I am fascinated by the production of grand historical narratives of the human race in the 19th century.  Like many of the human scientists of the 19th century, I too am interested in the unfolding of world-historical phenomena from the deep past to the present day, and the strategies of researching and teaching world, global, or "big" history.


    Johnson, Adam Fulton (2011). Introduction to Inertia--Thinking Hard about at Difficult Concept. Thresholds, 39, 5-7.

  • Education
    • BA, Humanities, Arts and Cultural Studies, Hampshire College, 2007
    • SM, Architecture Studies - History, Theory + Criticism Section, MIT, 2011
  • Awards
    • Master of Science in Architecture Studies Prize for Thesis (MIT, 2011)
  • Grants
    • MISTI France Travel Grant – Assistant to Registrar at the Musée des Tissus, Lyon (MIT, Summer 2010)