2012 Undergraduate Honors Symposium


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  • Host Department: History of Art
  • Date: 12/07/2012
  • Time: 6:00PM

  • Location: 180 Tappan Hall

  • Description:

    History of Art honors students give short talks followed by Q & A.

    This year's presenters are:

    Genevieve King, “Ideology and the Idyllic: Painting Anarchy in Paul Signac’s Au Temps d’Harmonie” 

    Jessica Larson, “Shear Power: Scandalous Women and the Coiffure à Titus” 

    Sarah Rabinowe, “Illuminating Jurisprudence: Judges and Judgment in the Wolfenbüttel Sachsenspiegel” 

    Melinda Stang, “Rally Round the Flag: Propaganda in Britain During the First World War”