testing 8-1

Author(s): Peggy Herron


Also will will be making a change to the ~snapshot folders under the
dept, labs, group, and home folders in dfs.  Currently the !snapshot
folder points to the old location of snapshots.  It will be repointed
to the new storage.  As part of this there will be a change to how the
~snapshot folder is organized.  Currently you have to navigate to the
desired snapshot in time and then transverse to the necessary
departments folder.  This will be reverse as there will now be a
separate folder for each department under the !snapshot folders and
then you will need to go to the desired snapshot in time.

Publication Information:

Name of Periodical: Sport Illustrated

Volume Number: 34

Issue Number: 21

Year of Publication: 2007

Page Numbers: 31-38

Additional Information:

data field 1: testing 123

data field 2: testing 456

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This is a reminder that the LSA Home directories (h: drive) will be
moved to ITS Mainstream storage this Saturday August 4th.

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