Effective Date: Fall 2015-Current

A minor in Physics is not open to students with any major in the Department of Physics. 

The  minor is designed to allow students from a wide range of academic backgrounds to learn more about the physical universe. Students who elect to minor in Physics will gain an understanding of basic physical principles.

Students wishing to pursue a minor in Physics must develop a specific plan for its completion in consultation with the Department's designated advisor. Advising appointments can be scheduled in the Physics Student Services Office, 1440 Randall Lab (734.764.5539) or via the online advising calendar.

Students interested in minoring in Physics should have an understanding of mathematics through differential equations.

Prerequisites to the Minor:     


Academic Minor Program

18 credits of courses as follows:

  1. One of the following introductory sequences and labs:
    • PHYSICS 135/136 and 235/236
    • PHYSICS 140/141 and 240/241
    • PHYSICS 160/161 and 260/261
  2. PHYSICS 340
  3. PHYSICS 390/391

Advanced Placement Credit and the Physics minor

Although course credit for PHYSICS 125/126/127/128 or PHYSICS 140/141/240/241 may be awarded on Advanced Placement (AP) Physics exams B or C, LSA policy does not allow those AP credits to be counted toward the minimum credits required for a minor. To qualify for the minor, students with AP exam credit must complete additional eligible courses within the Physics department for a total of at least 15 PHYSICS course credits. Eligible courses include PHYSICS 333 and 334 (Tutoring of PHYSICS 140 and 240), and PHYSICS 401. Other 400-level PHYSICS courses may also be used, subject to approval by a department advisor.

To get your AP credit, please schedule an appointment with a department advisor as soon as possible.


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