"Brazil: History, Human Rights, and Contemporary Slavery"


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  • Host Department: Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies
  • Date: 11/01/2013
  • Time: 10:00 AM - 4:30 PM

  • Location: University of Michigan Law School, 626 S. State St.

  • Description:

    Session 1 (10am-12pm)
    Enslavement in Nineteenth-Century Brazil

    Chair: Rebecca Scott (UM History/Law)

    Speakers: Keila Grinberg (UNIRIO History), “Illegal enslavement and the making of international law”; Beatriz Mamigonian (UFSC History), “The illegal slave trade in the courts: proving slave ownership vs. claiming freedom”

    Commenter: Julius S. Scott (UM History/DAAS)

    Session 2 (2-4:30pm)
    State Guarantees of Human Dignity: Constitutional Frameworks and Courtroom Struggles

    Chair: Victoria Langland (UM History/Romance Languages)

    Speakers: Rebecca Scott (UM) & Leonardo Barbosa (Staff Attorney, Câmara dos Deputados, Brazil), “Same Telos, Different Paths? Codifying Modern Slavery as Possession, or as a Violation of Human Dignity”; Cristiano Paixão (UnBA Law), “Dignity Guarantees in the 1988 Constitution: Giving Juridical Meaning to a Concept”; Sueann Caulfield, (UM History/Residential College), ”Dignity, the 1988 Constitution, and Same-Sex Marriage”

    Comment and discussion: Paulina Alberto (UM History/Romance