89. Caciques and Their People: A Volume in Honor of Ronald Spores

Author(s): Joyce Marcus, Judith Francis Zeitlin (editors)



A volume of essays by Mesoamerican scholars on topics ranging from Zapotec archaeology to Cuicatec irrigation, Mixtec codices to Aztec ethnohistory. Authors use direct historical approach, the comparative method, or develop models that contribute to ethnological and archaeological theory. Contributors: J. Chance, G. Feinman, K.V. Flannery, F. Hicks, R. Hunt, M. Lind, J. Marcus, J. Monaghan, J. Paddock, E. Redmond, M. Romero Frizzi, M.E. Smith, C. Spencer, and J. Zeitlin.

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Publisher: Museum of Anthropology

Month of Publication: January

Year of Publication: 1994

Location: Ann Arbor, MI

# of Pages: 300

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ISBN: 978-0-915703-37-1

Monograph Series / Number: Anthropological Papers, 89

Tables / Illustrations: 17 tables, 53 illustr.