Graduate Student Conference: "The American Racial State in the Long Twentieth Century"


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  • Host Department: History
  • Date: 05/10/2013 - 05/11/2013
  • Time: 11:15AM - 7:00PM

  • Location: 1014 Tisch Hall

  • Description:

    Friday, May 10
    11:15-11:30 am Opening Remarks

    11:30-1:15 pm Panel 1: The Politics of Labor
    Ashley Johnson, Northwestern University, “Barred by the State: Undocumented Immigrants and the WPA in 1930s Detroit”

    Saima Akhtar, University of California-Berkeley, “Arab-Muslim Labor Migration and the Ethnic Geographies of Ford’s Detroit”

    Kyera Singleton, University of Michigan, “Trafficking in Black Female Criminality and Labor”
    Discussant: Katie Rosenblatt, University of Michigan

    1:15-1:45 Break

    1:45-3:30 pm Panel 2: Postwar Citizenship and State Building
    Sarah Robey, Temple University, “Survival Citizenship: Space, Class, and Race in Early Cold War Civil Defense”

    Fernando Carbajal, Northwestern University, "Dies Committee Investigations of War Relocation Authority"

    Robin Averbeck, University of California-Davis, “The Limits of Liberalism: Poverty, Race, and Social Science in the Affluent Society”
    Discussant: Anthony Ross, University of Michigan

    3:30-4:00 pm Break

    4:00-6:00pm Keynote Address
    Heather Ann Thompson, Associate Professor of History, Department of African American Studies and Department of History, Temple University


    Saturday May 11

    10:30-12:15 pm Panel 3: Law, Policing, and Violence
    Jesse Carr, University of Michigan, “Racial Emergencies: The Doctrine of the Exception and the Making of the American State”

    Alex Elkins, Temple University, “When Riots Police and Police Riot in Philadelphia, 1918-1964”

    Allen Kent, University of Florida, “Black Power in Power: The African American Police League and Community Policing in Chicago, 1966-1972”
    Discussant: Millington Bergeson-Lockwood, Carnegie-Mellon University

    12:15-1:45pm Lunch

    1:45-3:30pm Panel 4: Social Movements
    Tatiana Cruz, University of Michigan, “United/Unidos: African American and Latino/a Community Organizing in Boston, 1965-1975”

    Max Felker-Kantor, University of Southern California, “Race, Riots, and Community Empowerment in Los Angeles: State and Social Movement Responses to Urban Unrest from Watts to Rodney King”

    Dan Royles, Temple University, African American AIDS Activism in Philadelphia
    Discussant: Austin McCoy, University of Michigan

    3:30-4:00 Break

    4:00-6:00 Panel 5: Mass Incarceration
    Mike Durfee, State University of New York at Buffalo, “Taking Back the Streets of America: Black-lash and the Origins of Crack Era Reform”

    Melanie Newport, Temple University, “Postwar American Jail Expansion and the Origins of Mass Incarceration”

    Cyrus O’Brien, University of Michigan, “Juvenile Courts and the Policing of Racialized Criminal Status”

    Michael Staunch, Duke University, “A Battle for Detroit: Criminalizing Poverty and Youth in the Pivotal 1970s”
    Discussant: Nora Krinitsky, University of Michigan

    Hosted by the Modern US Graduate Students, and co-sponsored by the Metropolitan History Workshop, the Eisenberg Institute, and the Department of History.