Holiday User Group and Luncheon


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  • Host Department: LSA CMS Web Services
  • Date: 12/18/2012
  • Time: 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM

  • Location: Haven Hall, 5th Floor, Room 5670

  • Description:
    Eat! Participate! Vote!

    AT THE
    SEMESTER RETROSPECTIVE Tuesday, December 18, 2012 11:00am
    5670 Haven Hall
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    Jimmy John's GOURMET Sandwiches, courtesy of LSA CMS. (Gracias!)

    The 3 L's: A fun and informative retrospective on life as a CMS user.

    I loved (fill in the blank) about CMS, the process, and/or my site.
    I learned (fill in the blank) about CMS, the process, and/or my site.
    I longed for (fill in the blank) about CMS, the process, and/or my site. p>


    Could your website have the LSA-CMS Page of the Year?

    It's time to look back over the year, as represented on your CMS website. Sure, there was that oddly compressed photo that made everyone look like the Freeze Miser. Or the Publication that accidentally linked to
    But surely we each had at least one web moment, one page that came together just like – or better than – we'd planned. PLEASE SHARE THAT PAGE WITH ALL OF US. It is both a reminder that the CMS can make all our dreams come true and inspiration for those of us stuck adding our 117th People Content Type. EVERYONE SHOULD SUBMIT SOMETHING. Otherwise Matthew will win by default.

    E-mail a screen capture of, or link to, your favorite web page (from the site(s) you manage) to If there is a story behind the page that adds to your feeling of success, please send that, too.

    We will share and vote on the submissions at the December 18th meeting. The winner will get a framed image of her or his page suitable for hanging on the finest office wall.