May be elected as a departmental major

Effective Winter 2012 with course additions made in Fall 2012 and Winter 2013 and Fall 2015

Prerequisites to the Major

Any 100- or 200-level course other than PHIL 180, 201, 296 (logic courses). None of these courses counts toward the requirements for the major.

Requirements for the Major

Majors must take at least 25 credits of Philosophy. At least 16 credits, including requirement 5a, must be taken in residence. No course will count toward the major unless the student receives a grade of C- or better.

In fulfilling the credit requirement students must also satisfy the following distribution requirements:

  1. Formal Methods: PHIL 296, 303, 305, 413, or 414
  2. History of Philosophy: Two courses from among: PHIL 388 or 389; and one additional course from among: PHIL 371, 388,  389, 405, 406, 458, 460, 461, 462, 463, 464, 467, and 492
  3. Value: One of PHIL 361 (Ethics) or 366 (Political Philosophy) or 367 (Social and Political Philosophy) or PPE 300 (Introduction to Political Economy)
  4. Mind and Reality: Either PHIL 345 (Language and Mind) or 381 (Science and Objectivity) or 383 (Knowledge and Reality)
  5. Three additional courses:
    1. Two additional 400-level courses (other than PHIL 419, 455, 498, or 499). Note: students are not permitted to use any course to satisfy more than one requirement. For example, if you use a 400-level course to satisfy the logic or history requirements, you cannot use that same course to satisfy this requirement.
    2. One additional course at the 300-level or higher, such as PHIL 345 (Language and Mind) or 383 (Knowledge and Reality)

The courses needed to satisfy these requirements are not always offered every term. Majors should plan their programs so that they can be sure to take the courses they need before they can graduate.

Honors Plan

Qualified students who are interested in an Honors major in Philosophy should consult a department advisor as early as possible. Except in cases where special permission is granted, students must have a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.4 and a 3.5 average in completed courses in philosophy in order to be eligible for admission. Honors majors are required to complete 28 (rather than 25) credits in the major, including PHIL 401 and 498 or 499, which is taken in the senior year. Before enrolling in PHIL 498 or 499, students must submit a thesis proposal for the department's approval. Only students who have written an Honors thesis will be considered for graduation with Honors degrees. Students are admitted to the Honors major at the beginning of the junior year (or later) by permission of the Honors department advisor.


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