The Use of Movement

Writer/Photographer/Artist(s): Chris McNamara


As the final installment in the cinematic language trilogy, <i>The Use of Movement</i> considers the formal edges of the frame and the way in which camera movement, whether slight or dramatic, is ascribed with meaning. A series of tableaux are played out – with foreign language voice-overs providing the only real narrative context. A sleepless woman is haunted by images she has watched on the internet; a man drives an ice cream truck down a barren street; a couple ride a motorscooter in the twilight; steam rises from manhole covers. Each scene is an incomplete narrative – and the monologues in Spanish, German, Bengali and Italian only serve to provide a degree of abstraction to the sound treatment – distancing most of us from the more visceral aspects of the film form and creating occasional dissonances with what’s happening visually.

Publication Information:

Copyright Year: 2009