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Professor of Arabic Literature

202 South Thayer Street, Suite 3123, Ann Arbor, MI 48104-1608

Office Location(s): 3123 STB
Phone: 734.763.1593
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    University of London, School of Oriental and African Studies, Ph.D. Arabic Studies 1960. Dissertation Thesis: Studies in Contemporary Arab Nationalist Literature.
    University of London, School of Classical Oriental and African Studies, B.A. (Honors) Arabic 1958.

    1979- Professor of Arabic Literature, The University of Michigan.
    1969-1979 Associate Professor of Arabic Literature, The University of Michigan.
    1966-1969 Assistant Professor of Arabic, The University of Michigan.
    1963-1966 Assistant Professor, Indiana University.
    1962-1963 Visiting Lecturer, University of Wisconsin.
    1960-1962 Assistant Manager, United Africa Company, Ltd., (Kuwait).

    1983 Research in Egypt.
    1980 Research in London.
    1972-1973 Research in London, Beirut and Cairo.
    1967 (Summer) Research in Egypt and London.
    1963-1964 Fellow, American Research Center in Cairo.
    1959-1960 Dissertation Research, American University of Beirut

    1990-present: Editorial Advisory Board, Digest of Middle East Studies (DOMES).
    1976-1979 Executive Board, American Association of Teachers of Arabic (AATA).
    1975-1976 Member, Program Committee, Middle East Studies Association (MESA).
    1975 Chairman of Literature Panel for 1975 Annual AATA Meeting.
    1974 Editor, AATA Journal.
    1973-1974 Program Committee, Middle East Studies Association.
    1970-1973 Executive Board, American Association of Teachers of Arabic (AATA).

    2001 Guest-participant invited by The National Council for Culture & Arts and Letters to the al-Qurain cultural Festival 2001, held in Kuwait,Jan 4-11, 2001.
    1998 Invited Lecturer, Albion College.
    1996 Malone Fellowship as delegation participant to Saudi Arabia from Council on U.S.-Arab Relations, Washington D.C..
    1989 Kareema Khoury Distinguished Lecturer, Georgetown University.
    1988 Invited Participant in Symposium on Naguib Mahfouz, U.C.L.A..
    1983 Invited Participant at conference on "The Teaching of Arabic to Adults in Europe", Paris
    1983 Invited Participant at Centenary of Khalil Gibran Symposium, Library of Congress, Washington D.C..
    1980 Invited Participant in Symposium on Modern Arabic Literature, University of London.
    1970 Research Contract, Office of Education, Institute of International Studies.
    1964-1965 Fellowship, American Research Center in Egypt.

    Departmental: Various Committee assignments, on yearly basis.
    College or University: Various dates:
    Rackham Program Evaluation Committee.
    Comparative Literature Program Faculty Advisor.
    Rackham Divisional Board for Humanities and Arts.
    Rackham Fulbright-Hayes Awards Committee.
    Center for Middle East Studies, Kuwait University Fellowship Selection Committee.
    Co-director, Rockefeller Fellowship Awards Committee, Center for Middle East Studies.
    Foreign Language Areas Studies Committee, Center for Middle East Studies.
    Executive Committee, Center for Meddle East Studies.
    Rackham Non-Traditional Students Fellowship Committee.

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