CLIFF-Chantal Mouffe Workshop


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  • Host Department: Comparative Literature
  • Date: 02/15/2013
  • Time: 01:00PM - 03:00PM

  • Location: Comp Lit Library 2015 Tisch Hall

  • Description:

    Please join the RIW Waiting for Chantal Mouffe workshop 

    We will be hosting Vassilios Lambropoulos, Professor of Comparative Literature and Classical Studies.

    Professor Lambropoulos will be leading a discussion on Chapter 4 of The Democratic Paradox ("For an Agonistic Model of Democracy") and an interview with Chantal Mouffe entitled "Every Form of Art Has a Political Dimension."

    The readings have been posted to CTools. In case you need to be added to the CTools website, please contact Basak (bcandar), Chris (meadecm) or Rostom (mesli).

    Light meal and refreshments will be served.