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Yoni Brack

Doctoral Candidate in History

1029 Tisch Hall, Ann Arbor MI, 48109-1003

  • Fields of Study
    • Middle & Near East: Middle Ages
    • Middle East, Anatolia, Iran, Central Asia
  • About

    I am an Islamic medievalist studying the Mongol empire and pre Ottoman Anatolia with an additional interest in Mamluk and Ottoman studies. I am interested in the relations between Mongols and Muslim saints (especially Rumi and his descendants) in late medieval Anatolia (thirteenth to fifteenth century) and the construction of authority, legitimacy and kingship after the decline of the Islamic universal Caliphate and the Seljuks of Rum following the Mongol conquests. I examine Hagiographical and Sufi literature and historical writings in Persian, Arabic and Turkish/Ottoman as well as coin finds and endowment deeds. I am especially concerned with apocalyptic and messianic narratives and the process of conversion to Islam of the Mongols and the Turks.

    Selected Publications:

    Brack, Yoni. (2011). A Mongol princess making hajj: the biography of El Qutlugh daughter of Abagha Ilkhan (r. 1265-82). Journal of Royal Asiatic Society, 21 (3), 331-359.

    Brack, Yoni. (2011). Review of W. W. Fitzhugh, M. Rossabi and W. Honeychurch (eds.). Genghis Khan and the Mongol Empire (Washington, 2009). Journal of Royal Asiatic Society, 21 (2), 229-230.

  • Education
    • BA, Middle Eastern Studies & History, Hebrew University, 2007
    • MA, Middle Eastern Studies, Hebrew University, 2009