Cycles of Disadvantage

Author(s): Mary Corcoran, Scott Boggess, Stephen P. Jenkins

Cycles of Disadvantage


This book consists of two papers, “Cycles of Disadvantage”, by Scott Boggess and Mary Corcoran, and “The Intergenerational Transmission of Disadvantage: A UK Perspective”, by Stephen P Jenkins.  “Cycles of Disadvantage" reviews U.S. evidence on cycles of disadvantage, or the question of how and to what extent economic and other background disadvantages are passed on to children by their parents.   Economic disadvantages are shown to play a significant role in determining life incomes; however, other factors also play a role. In particular, the research examines the influence of family structure, neighborhood effects, transmission of welfare dependence, and social isolation. “The Intergenerational Transmission of Disadvantage” comments on the Boggess and Corcoran research and reviews the extent to which the findings for the USA about the role of poverty, the family, and other background influences in the determination of economic disadvantage are applicable to other countries (Institute for Governance and Policy Studies). 

Publication Information:

Publisher: Institute for Governance and Policy Studies

Year of Publication: 1999

Location: Wellington, New Zealand