Literature Brown Bag: Clara Bosak-Schroeder


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  • Speaker: Clara Bosak-Schroeder
  • Host Department: Department of Classical Studies
  • Date: 03/14/2013
  • Time: 1:00 PM

  • Location: Classics Library, 2175 Angell Hall

  • Description:

    Speaker: Clara Bosak-Schroeder, PhD Candidate, Classical Studies
    Title:  "Classical Antiquity Without Nature"

    Environmental historians and ecocritics in Classical studies often assume that ancient writers thought of "nature" as a space -- i.e. "the natural world" -- from which human beings have been separated by culture. In this paper I investigate Greek physis and Roman natura in natural scientific writers from Aristotle to Pliny the Elder, arguing that these words denote a force and its effects rather than a romanticized space. I also consider the implications of my argument for studies of Greek and Roman "environmentalism" and the pastoral or rural ideal in ancient poetry.