Bradley Goerne

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Bradley Goerne

Graduate Student

Office Location(s): 3028 MLB

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    Bradley Goerne joined the department in Fall 2013. After receiving his BA in Russian at the University of Chicago in 2010, he completed an editorial internship at Yale University Press and then worked for an antiquarian bookseller. He later served in an administrative capacity at Dalkey Archive Press, a non-profit literary publisher that specializes in translations of foreign literature.

    His research interests focus primarily on comparative literary and aesthetic modernism in late imperial Austro-Hungary and its successor states. He hopes to place various national literary traditions in dialogue and highlight common thematic concerns (erotic encounters of young Austrian men with a Slav other, architectural facades as concealing social symptoms of modernity, debates about ornament and surface, essayistic writing, irony and humor, citizenship). Related interests include the development of modern literary theory in central Europe and its subsequent spread to France, the prevalence of geopolitical apathy in twentieth-century intellectual history (esp. phenomenology, psychoanalysis, structuralism), the formation of scholarly disciplines (esp. philology, history, art history) in the nineteenth century, and the Austro-Hungarian filmmaking diaspora's aesthetic-ethnographic critique of the American culture industry.