Sex, Media, Reception: New Approaches


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  • Host Department: Comparative Literature
  • Date: 02/15/2014
  • Time: 9:30AM - 09:00 PM

  • Location: North Quad

  • Description:

    Registration is free and open to the public. For pre-registration please email

    NQ 2255 and NQ 2435

    9:30-11:00    Gay Male Counterpublics
    Moderator: Caryl Flinn (Screen Arts and Cultures)
    Joshua Morrison (U Michigan): “(Ur)sine Texts: BEAR Porn and Early Bear Identity Formation”,Evangelos Tziallas (Concordia): “The Condom as Metonym: The Role of Aesthetics and Budgets in the Reception of Bareback and ‘Safer Sex’ Gay Male Pornography”, Stephen Molldrem (U Michigan): “Thinking the ‘Sociopornographic’ Through and Beyond the Digital”

    9:30-11:00    Rethinking Contemporary Pleasures
    Moderator: Clare Croft (Music, Theater and Dance)
    Valentina Denzel (Michigan State): “The Pleasure of Reading, the Reading of Pleasure: Sex, Literature, and Internet in the 21st Century”, Tanjo Aho, (SUNY Buffalo): “Polyamory on Screen: Representation and Reception”, Ariel Osterweis, (Wayne State): “Mask, Merkin, and Penetration in Narcissister is You: Performance, Screen, Pornography”

    11:15-1:00    Plenary Panel: Archiving Sexuality: Reception in U.S. Film History
    Moderator: Dan Herbert (Screen Arts and Cultures)
    Peter Alilunas (U Michigan): “Deep Throat at the University of Michigan, Forty Years Later”, Eric Schaefer (Emerson): “The Variables of Pleasure: Artisex and Adult Film Fan Discourse, 1968-1971”, Ryan Powell (Indiana): “Coming Together: Exhibition, Audience, and 'Early' Gay Art Porn”

    2:15-3:45       Sex and the Art Film
    Moderator: Nilo Couret (Romance Languages and Literatures)
    Andy Owens (Northwestern): “Le Sexe Qui Parle du Supernaturel: Sexing Horror in the Euro-Sleaze Arthouse”, Sergio Rigoletto (Oregon): “The Male Crotch in Pier Pasolini's Trilogy of Life", Orquidea Morales (U Michigan): “Satanico Pandemonium: Nunspolitation in Mexico

    2:15-3:45       Revisiting Pink
    Moderator: Markus Nornes (Screen Arts and Asian Languages & Cultures)
    Kim Icreverzi (UC Irvine): “Hamano Sachi and the Impasse of Pornography”, Jeremy Heilman (USC): “Repositioning Pink: On the Attempted Feminist Rehabilitation of Pinku Eiga”, Michael Arnold (U Michigan): “’I’m not here for the movie!’: Japanese Pink Cinemas and the Illusion of Porn Spectatorship”

    4:00-5:30       Phenomenology of Digital Encounters
    Moderator: Sheila Murphy (Screen Arts & Cultures)
    Scott Richmond (Wayne State): “Networked Boredom: On the Desire for Connection”, Kevin Wynter (UC Berkeley): “Body Conduit: The Paradoxes of Virtual Pornography”, Christopher Goetz (UC Berkeley): “Sideways Desire in Videogames”

    4:00-5:30       Lust in the Archives
    Moderator: Rostom Mesli (Comparative Literature)
    Russell Sheaffer (Indiana): “On the Fringe: Edge Codes and the Early 20th Century Stag Films”, Dan Erdman (Independent Scholar/Archivist): “Let's Go Stag! How to Study and Preserve Dirty Films with a Clean Conscience”, Lucas Hilderbrand (UC Irvine): “Historical Fantasies: 1970s Gay Pornography in the Archives”

    5:45  Linda Williams (UC Berkeley), “Sex is Too Important to be Left to Pornographers,” North Quad 2255

    9:30pm: Screening, The Curious Female (1970, dir. Paul Rapp, 35mm), Angell Hall, Aud A