Saturday Morning Physics
Electric Ideas


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  • Host Department: Physics
  • Date: 03/06/2004
  • Time: 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM

  • Location: 170 & 182 Dennison Building

  • Campbell Lecture 03/06/2004
  • Description: The effects of static electricity have been known for over two thousand years, but a careful cataloging of the effects and theoretical understanding did not occur until the nineteenth century. The first lecture will begin with the basic ideas of electricity and describe Faraday's unification of electricities. Professor Campbell will then develop the ideas of voltage, current and electric field. He will demonstrate the effects and concepts using a combination of antique equipment similar to what was used in the nineteenth century and modern equipment, such as Tesla coils.

    Detailed Information
    All talks are free and refreshments will be served. Visitor parking for the seminars (Central Campus) is across the street from the Dennison Building in the U-M Church Street structure. There is a $2.00 parking charge implemented by U-M Parking Services.

    Contact Information
    For more information regarding the Saturday Morning Physics series, see the Physics Department website, or call 734.764.4437