From Women Loving Women in Africa to Jean Genet and Race: A Conversation with Frieda Ekotto

Author(s): Naminata Diabate


On November 2008, shortly after the historic election of Barack Obama as the
first black president of the United States, ND sat down with author and cultural
critic Frieda Ekotto, who teaches Comparative Literature and French literature
at the University of Michigan. In a wide-ranging discussion, she talked to Prof.
Ekotto about her novel Chuchote pas trop (2001), female homosexuality in
African fictions as well as her upcoming second novel. Prof. Ekotto discusses
her soon-to-be-published examination of Jean Genet within transatlantic
studies, her cosmopolitan background (born in Cameroon, raised in
Switzerland, now a U.S citizen) and the implications for the changing 21st
century world.

Publication Information:

Name of Periodical: Journal of the African Literature Association (JALA)

Volume Number: 4

Issue Number: 1

Year of Publication: 2010

Page Numbers: 181-203