c4ef72d5d3886310VgnVCM100000c2b1d38dRCRDapproved/UMICH/women/Home/Undergraduate/Women’s Studies Majordeletedelete<p>The F-Word is an organization dedicated to creating a feminist movement at the University of Michigan that applies to all races and social backgrounds. The organization does not subscribe to a particular ideology but instead focuses on having open dialogues about issues of gender, race, class and sexuality. If you are interested in social justice, human rights, or women’s issues, check them out! Send them an email to be on the email list and receive more information, and find out the meeting times, <a href="mailto:the-fword@umich.edu">the-fword@umich.edu</a>.</p>jimbulldonnasa141867548390394ef72d5d3886310VgnVCM100000c2b1d38d____a873ccb752a5a410VgnVCM100000c2b1d38d____94ef72d5d3886310VgnVCM100000c2b1d38d____mailto:the-fword@umich.eduthe-fword@umich.eduanchorNA